Know, Show, Throw: Three Precautions Every Money Sender Should Take

Leading wire transfer company MoneyGram recently published a press release highlighting the precautionary measures that people should take when sending money. According to MoneyGram, “like any financial transaction involving people, there is always an element of risk.” This is why the international money transfer company is advising consumers to stay informed and be vigilant when it comes to financial scams.

Dennis Wildsmith, Moneygram’s VP of transaction services and fraud prevention said that, “Before anyone considers using a money transfer service, they should remember three simple rules we call ‘know, show and throw.’” Moneygram continues to explain the three concepts as follows:

Know – Consumers should only send money to people that they actually know. A lot of wire transfer scams involve strangers asking for money in exchange for prizes, jobs, etc. Don’t fall for it.

Show – No matter how big or small the amount of money being transferred, consumers should always be discreet regarding their transactions. Con artists may be on the lookout for their next victim, so it’s best to keep your money affairs to yourself. Moneygram’s advice is, “Never show or share information about your money transfer to anyone but the recipient.”

Throw – Are you receiving offers promising that you can “get rich now”? Be very suspicious. Chances are, these offers entail that you send money first, before earning. Such scams deserve to be THROWN away. If you receive a suspicious offer, or wish to learn more about money transfer frauds, you may visit MoneyGram’s special website at

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